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Successful meeting room design

By Emily Cooper on in Design

Business owners will know first hand that dedicated office space is getting expensive. In some of London’s most desirable boroughs, prices have soared up to  £1500 a desk . With this, we have witnessed companies sacrifice their traditional meeting rooms in favour of more functional desk spaces.

Whether you love them or hate them, meetings are still a crucial practice for most businesses. That’s why we’re here to help you create spaces that can be cleverly configured to suit your needs.

Don’t think of it as a dedicated meeting space

This might sound like a contradiction, but we witness so many companies only use their meeting space for a Monday morning meeting. That means for the majority of the day, or even week, it’s sat empty and unused.

When you are plotting out the furniture in your offices, think of it as one flat space and challenge all of your preconceptions about what a meeting space should be.

The next step is to think about how you are going to make a meeting space to suit the team. For example if you have a loud ‘vibrant’ sales team, don’t create a touchdown meeting space next to roles that require a high level of concentration. Our manufacturer ‘Allermuir have illustrated this really well in their ‘Settings’ research which you can read here.

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Using this approach to design your space, incorporate a multitude of different meeting spaces to make them work for everyone.

For the creative team, it might be as simple as painting a wall nearby with our magnetic IdeaPaint which is an ingenious clear gloss that can be applied to any existing wall in order to create a drawing board out of anything (also available in white and black for the traditionalists out there!).

For HR, who might need to conduct private meetings, retrofittable and acoustically sound meeting pods are the way to go. These are easily assembled within the existing floor plan of your office, have their own lighting and power, are completely free standing and can be configured to suit any space. As well as adhering to all of the neccesary health and safety, they look incredible.

Flexible Furniture

You might want to break the monotony of a Monday morning with a shakeup of the sales meeting. Whether you need more people to join in, or want to do a warm up exercise, using flexible furniture in your meeting space means that you can easily transform the room to suit your needs. In our case, we use flip top tables to configure our space for one to one meetings, conferences, or fold them up to store them behind our meeting pod. Paired with attractive stacking chairs that are easily stored when not in use.

Herman Miller, Flip Top Table, Meeting Rooms, UK, DesignAcoustic dividers that help to block out the noise from the office can also help to create informal meeting spaces. Kivo by Herman Miller is one of our personal favourites as its interchangeable triangular pieces make it so versatile. Wrap it round a set of iconic armchairs, and center around a coffee table, for a casual yet private meeting space. Soft pieces such as these will also help you to absorb reverberated noise from your office making it a truly multi functional piece.
kivo, herman miller, love your workspace, uk, meeting space designYour meeting spaces are a reflection of the brand your are trying to cultivate. Whether you are more corporate or  casual, it’s important to make an impression that says something about you.

There are so many solutions out there for successful meeting spaces that don’t consist of a humdrum boardroom table and gaggle of mis-match chairs. Have a chat with one of the team at Love Your Workspace if you need help making the most of your space.

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